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A type of opponent, mainly seen in FIFA soccer video games, who constantly taps the C button to kick the ball downfield, which sometimes results in goals. Example: Did you see that scene where Travolta drove that Jaguar into a bus and it burst into flames? Uses: In any FPS game, Ever Quest, Paintball and other multiplayer games where a player can gain a cheap upper hand by remaining in the same place.

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"I wouldn't be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video." The update to Facebook Live comes as competition builds among live-streaming services.

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Privat v zahranici-Slovinsko, hleda nove slecny od 18. U nas neni velka konkurence, protoze pracuji max 2-3 divky a kazda divka ma svuj pokoj. pjemn vystupovn, atr, vzhled, istota, zdrav spolehlivost a rovn jednn PODMNKOUI!!! Potebujete vyeit tivou finann situaci nebo Vs prost lk prce spolenice? Vechny mil, komunikativn a atraktivn sleny k nm maj dvee oteven! I kdy s prac kolem sexu nemm zkuenosti, jsem pozorn, usmvav, a snam se o ten nejlep pstup k Tob, sex miluji a pirozen vlhnu :-) *M na to chut?


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Capturing the essence of the times, CBO will take you from the swinging 40's to the current top 40.

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From the bottom of my heart this me sending my deepest gratitude. What you are doing here is truly community service, community building and, may God bless everything you do in that humble spirit...